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Green Cover Seed is a family-owned business with a history that runs deep in Nebraska’s soil. Brothers, Keith and Brian Berns utilized their farming experience and a plot of land owned by their father to begin experimenting with new farming practices. Keith and Brian have grown their business into a 2000+ acre farm in South Central Nebraska that has used 100% no-till methods for over 12 years.

The Berns brothers started Green Cover Seed as a way to share the benefits of cover crops and no-till farming with the community. They’ve worked hard over the past several years to research and incorporate their methods in their own fields and help others do the same. What they’ve found are exciting and efficient methods that can offer an increase in soil structure, organic matter, biological life, water infiltration rate, nutrient cycling, and wildlife.






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Keith Berns

Owner / Sales Manager

Brian Berns

Owner / Farm Manager

David Nelsen

Integrator / Operations

Dale Strickler

Sales Agronomist

Colten Catterton

Sales Representative

Brett Peshek

Sales Representative

Jakin Berns

Sales Representative

Davis Behle

Sales Representative

Scott Ravenkamp

Contract Grower Manager

Noah Young


Jon Holl


Doris Zuellner

Office Lead

Adrienne Jacobus


Teri Anderson

Seed Sampling & Testing

Josh Berns

Inventory Manager

Shaun Wiley

Mix Floor Manager

Joseph Kirchner

Mix Floor Specialist

Glen Brumbaugh

Mix Floor Specialist

Jonathan Jones

Mix Floor Specialist

Douglas Hyler

Warehouse Specialist

SynDee Wulf

Small Mix Specialist

Tyler Licking

Mix Floor Specialist

Joe Melnick

Outside Operations Manager

Caleb Berns

Iola Site Lead

Jared Hynes

Seed Handling Specialist

Travis Berns

Maintenance & Facilities

Tim Hinrichs

Construction Lead

Luke Sheltrown

Maintenance Technician

Jonathan Ellis

Farm Technician

New to cover crop farming?

Find more in-depth resources and learn about why cover crops and no-till methods are sustainable farming techniques.

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What are cover crops?

Cover crops are planted to help suppress weeds, manage soil erosion, soil fertility, soil quality, water, disease, wildlife and biodiversity.

What is ‘no-till’ farming?

No-till farming is a way of growing crops or pasture without disturbing the soil by tilling.

How do cover crops impact the soil?

It’s different for every farmer, but in general, cover crop benefits include: enhanced soil biology, improved soil structure, increased infiltration, reduced erosion, weed suppression, nutrient cycling and wildlife propagation.

How do no-till methods impact the soil?

We’re big believers in no-till methods because of the improvement we’ve seen in soil fertility. This technique also increases the amount of water that infiltrates the soil and increases the organic matter retention and cycling of nutrients in the soil.

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