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Fungal Assets” by Wendy Taheri, Ph. D.

   Most flowering plants are dependent upon AM fungi and grow poorly in their absence. This dependency varies greatly between species and even between varieties of the same species. Soil conditions, particularly the amount of inorganic phosphorus, also influence mycorrhizal dependency in a specific environment. In general, grasses tend to be more dependent upon AM fungi than some of the other plant groups.

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 “Phosphorus: A Limited Resource” by Wendy Taheri, Ph. D.

   Phosphorus is an element meaning there is a phosphorus atom. It can be neither destroyed nor created. The amount that exists on this planet is all we have. When we remove crops from the field we remove the phosphorus those plants took up.

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 “Role of AM Fungi in Agricultural Ecosystems” by Wendy Taheri, Ph. D.

   AM fungi are plant symbionts. Symbiotic organisms are generally interdependent upon one another. In the case of AM fungi and plants, it is an obligate relationship for the fungi. The degree of plant dependency upon these organisms varies widely and some plants are unable to live without them, while others are completely non-mycorrhizal and do not act as hosts for AM fungi.

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