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Fetch The Vetch

September 23, 2021
Why Is Hairy Vetch So Expensive This Year? A few weeks ago, I wrote about the benefits of hairy vetch…
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Get Off The Armyworm Treadmill

September 7, 2021
Recently we have been receiving calls about armyworms attacking cover crops. Armyworms can be a devastating problem, as they march…

Brassica Blast-Off

September 3, 2021
As we move into September and celebrate Labor Day weekend, we often get asked about planting brassicas this time of…
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Cereal’ously All About Cereal

August 31, 2021
As we roll towards Labor Day and with harvest fast approaching, we start to receive many questions about what can…
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A New Perspective On A Nitrogen Nightmare

August 9, 2021
As if agricultural input costs were not high enough already, the American Farm Bureau is warning producers of a fertilizer…

Cloudy With A Chance of…

July 28, 2021
Cloudy With A Chance of Seed Aerial seeding of cover crops allows lots of acres to be seeded in a…