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External Links

  • Companion Cropping in Sunflowers – Double Cropping Sunflower pioneers Robin and Kelly Griffeth from Jewell KS share their experiences at the 2014 CCTA meeting in Burlington CO
    We would like to thank the late Mike Collins for the videography of this prsentation. Mike, your legacy for education lives on!
  • Multiple Companion Cover Crops – Green Cover Seed CEO, Keith Berns, explains the power of the double crop sunflowers with companions concepts. Thank you to the Soil Health Institute and Tiny Attic production for the great video production
  • Sunflowers Cover Crop – Keith Berns and Dale Strickler explain the concept of Double Crop flowers with companions
  • Cover Crops in Sunflower – Abby Wick with North Dakota State Extension gives a nice video tour of sunflower fields in North Dakota with diverse companion crops planted with them. Great video footage of the companion crops that grow with the sunflowers


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