Sign-Up for First Acre Program

Join hundreds of others who are growing food for their communities!

1. Sign-Up

Fill out the form below. In order to qualify for free seed, you must be willing to donate at least 50% of the produce harvested to your local community.

2. Use Promo Code

After you submit this form, you will receive an email with a Promo Code for free Milpa Garden mix. Go to to select the quantity of seed you will plant, add to cart and use your Promo Code when checking out.

3. Grow & Donate

When your Milpa Garden starts to produce, gather your crew and start harvesting! Donate the produce to local food banks, homeless shelters, nursing homes, schools or other entities that may enjoy fresh produce!

4. Share & Inspire

We encourage you to share your photos and experiences on social media to inspire others to grow food for their local community!
*Please use the same email address here as you would use to purchase the Milpa seed. Otherwise the discount will not work.
Have you planted the Green Cover Milpa Garden before?*
To qualify for First Acre, you must be willing to donate at least 50% of the produce that you harvest. Please list the local entities (food banks, community programs, shelters, etc...) that you are planning to donate produce to?
Part of the First Acre Program is to encourage community involvement as well. List some of the community groups (4-H , FFA, church groups, Lions club, etc...) that you hope to get involved in the harvesting process of your Milpa garden.
How many acres/square feet are you wanting to plant?*
Are you on social media?*
If you are on social media, would you be willing to post pictures of your Milpa Garden? We would like to see pictures of planting, growth, harvest, and donations.
First Acre Program registrations are limited to one per person. Registrations for multiple parties at the same time are not permitted.
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