Some of our Food Plot mixes show Out Of Stock because we are currently in the process of working with Dr. Grant Woods to tweak and refine the 2022 Green Cover Food Plot mixes to be even better based on his observations and feedback from clients. We are also working on better shipping options to get seed across the country to all of our customers for the best rates possible.

Rest assured that we will have a good supply of seed and should have all mixes back in stock and ready to ship by Feb 15th. Please check back at that time to place your order. In the meantime, if you have specific questions or concerns please email our food plot expert, Colton Toney, at

Our food plot mixes were engineered in partnership with Dr. Grant Woods, host of GrowingDeer.TV. These products are specifically designed to release the full potential of your soil, and grow healthy deer.

Check out his video on how effective the Summer Release mix has been on his very own Proving Grounds.

Growing Deer Mixes