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Herbicide Test Kit

By June 3, 2019July 14th, 2020No Comments

Herbicide Tolerance Cover Crop Seed Test

If chemicals were pre-applied to a field that is going into prevent plant, there’s no sense in starting the conversation until you understand the potential chemical effect.  NOTE: WE ARE NOT CHEMICAL EXPERTS! Please always consult with your chemical dealers or experts on this topic. Look at the label and other resources.

With the excessive rainfall many chemicals break down much faster than the label says and might still work for cover crops but may have grazing restrictions on them yet.  This will obviously vary greatly depending on specific soil types, chemicals, location, etc.

If you have concerns about herbicides, contact us before making the investment in a cover crop and we will send you a herbicide testing seed packet. These packets contain multiple plant groups and we encourage you to plant them on the edge of a field and observe closely to give insights on what might work in your field.

Plant seed mix 3/4″ deep in treated soil. Keep the area moist and monitor closely for 10-14 days after emergence.

After this time period, compare the seedlings to the plant pictures below to identify what will grow in your field.



Sunn Hemp

Winter Pea


Cereal Rye



Sorghum Sudan











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