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Annual and perennial cover crops useful for their extensive root systems, nutrient scavenging, quick plant establishment and ability to reduce soil erosion.

  • Annual Ryegrass (Tam Tbo) – Tetraploid

    as low as$0.75 per lb.
  • Annual Ryegrass (Winterhawk) – Diploid

    as low as$0.75 per lb.
  • Black Oats (Cosaque)

    as low as$0.32 per lb.
  • Sorghum Sudan (Sweet Six Dry Stalk BMR) – Hybrid

    as low as$1.35 per lb.
  • Sorghum Sudan (Sweet Forever BMR PPS) – Hybrid UN

    as low as$1.40 per lb.
  • Browntop Millet

    as low as$0.75 per lb.
  • Cereal Rye (Elbon)

    as low as$0.26 per lb.
  • Cereal Rye (Yankee)

    as low as$0.23 per lb.
  • Forage Sorghum (2120) – UN

    as low as$1.10 per lb.
  • Sudangrass (Piper)

    as low as$0.80 per lb.
  • Japanese Millet

    as low as$0.70 per lb.
  • Meadow Brome (Certified Cache)

    as low as$3.75 per lb.
  • Orchard Grass (Persist)

    as low as$3.70 per lb.
  • Pearl Millet (Tifleaf III) – Hybrid

    as low as$1.40 per lb.
  • Proso Millet (White)

    as low as$0.60 per lb.
  • Spring Forage Barley (Lavina) – Beardless

    as low as$0.25 per lb.
  • Spring Oats (Goliath)

    as low as$0.28 per lb.
  • Spring Oats (Hayden)

    as low as$0.27 per lb.
  • Thor 879684836 Triticale (Certified)

    as low as$0.30 per lb.
  • Sorghum Sudan (GCS Yield Max PPS)

    as low as$1.05 per lb.
  • Tall Fescue: Kentucky 32

    as low as$2.00 per lb.
  • Teff Grass (HayMaker) – OMRI Coated

    as low as$2.25 per lb.
  • Teff Grass (HayMaker) – RAW

    as low as$2.50 per lb.
  • Foxtail Millet (White Wonder)

    as low as$0.65 per lb.

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