Dale Strickler

Sales Agronomist

Dale Strickler grew up on a diversified farm near Colony Kansas, about an hour and a half drive southwest of Kansas City. He attended Kansas State University and achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Science Education, and a Bachelors and Masters degree in Agronomy. He has worked as an agronomist for Green Cover Seed since August of 2016. Prior to that he worked for Valent USA, Star Seed, Agriliance, and taught agronomy at Cloud County Community College. He is an author in his spare time, and currently has two books published (The Drought Resilient Farm and Managing Pasture with a third book on soil restoration in the works. He enjoys fishing and exploring in his spare time.

Favorite Sports Team & Why? Kansas State University Wildcats! Because I am a masochist and enjoy losing chances at national championships in tragic manners

What’s something interesting about you? I used to coach the quiz bowl team at Cloud County Community College and took them to nationals one year

What do you bring to the table? Appetite

Who do you most admire in life? People who do the right thing even though they know they will suffer for doing so.

What’s your proudest moment at work? Every time someone lets me know how well their seed grew and how the whole cover crop concept has changed things for them.