Tyler Licking

Mix Floor Specialist

Tyler is currently being homeschooled in Red Cloud, NE where he’s lived for the last 4 years since moving from Norkolk. He has worked here for 6 months in the small mix area processing all orders under 300 pounds. In his free time he loves just about anything outdoors, especially shooting guns!

What do you think you’re most known around the office for? Either not being old enough to drive a forklift or the fact that I have asthma.

What’s something no one knows about you? I have a good singing voice and have been apart of several choirs.

If you weren’t at GCS what would you be doing right now? Working for the City of Red Cloud, which is not fun.

Best compliment you’ve received at work? Someone told me I had a great work ethic and that I was a fun person to work with.

Do you have a best friend at work? Yes, but unfortunately we are not on the same shift