Wyatt Smith


Wyatt Smith grew up in the small mountain town of Tehachapi, CA. He pursues a degree in Ag Systems Management from Cal Poly and after graduation moved to Texas and worked for a feedlot before finding his way to the Midwest. At Green Cover, Wyatt is our logistics Specialist, helping move seed all across the Nation. Enjoys barbecuing, traveling with his fiance, and riding Dirt Bikes when not at work.


What do you think you’re most known around the office for?

My Schmedium Shirt Experience

Favorite Sports team and why?

Although I love sports (not basketball) I just like a really competitive game. Hockey/Football are my Top 2.

What’s something interesting about you?

I wear a Size 15 Shoe and can hardly find cool boots/shoes.

An animal you’d ride to and from work every day?

I would 100% ride a Buffalo

Do you have a best friend at work?

I <3 Shaun and Joe