Forage Sorghum (Coes)

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Coes is a 1940 release from the USDA breeding station in Akron CO. It is classified as dual purpose (grain or forage sorghum) and early maturity, making it a product well suited to higher elevations and northern latitudes where many sorghums do not do well. Coes tillers well to compensate for thin stands. Plants at maturity are 6 to7 foot tall and have white kernels with low tannin content, making the grain palatable to all classes of livestock.  The forage of Coes appears to be very palatable as well. In addition to its utility in northern and high latitude areas, the early maturity and dual- purpose nature of Coes might give it a fit in double crop situations after wheat harvest in many additional areas, with the flexibility of either a grain, hay, or silage crop. The highly palatable, white endosperm grain also makes Coes a nice addition to wildlife food plots for deer or upland game birds. Coes is eligible for 80% insurance coverage similar to many forage sorghums.

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