Micro Noc: Multi Spectrum (OMRI) – 4oz Packets

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This product is a broad spectrum inoculant for the legume species , to encourage fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by utilizing various rhizobium and azotobacter strands. Treats all varieties of Cowpeas, Korean lespedeza, Mung beans,  Sunn hemp, Austrian winter pea, Spring pea, Chickling vetch, Common vetch, Hairy vetch, Lentils, Purple vetch. There are also mycorrhizal fungi and bacillus strands included to biologically charge your soil. This product is OMRI approved.

Each packet of 4oz will treat 50 lbs. of seed.

Directions for Use: Sprinkle Method • Moisten seed in a planter box at a rate of 5 fl. oz. of clean, nonchlorinated water per 50 lbs of seed. • Add contents of the bag to the wet seed until seed is completely covered and plant seed within 72 hours. Slurry Method • Place contents of bag in 5 fl. oz. of clean, non-chlorinated water. Stir inoculant and water thoroughly. • Mix seed and slurry in a container outside of planter box. Plant seed within 72 hours. • Avoid direct sunlight or hot drying winds on inoculated seed.