Southern Clover Release

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Southern Clover Release can be used to establish new or improve existing stands of clover. It includes four varieties of clover, alfalfa, three brassicas, buckwheat and chicory in a ratio that’s appropriate for most areas south of interstate I-70. This blend provides lots of high-quality forage while improving soil quality. This blend is very attractive to deer and turkeys.

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Mix Info

Kentucky Pride Crimson Clover, Frosty Berseem Clover, Fixation Balansa Clover, Medium Red Clover, Alfalfa, Impact Forage Collards, Smart Radish, Buckwheat, Endure Chicory
Planting Instructions
Southern Clover Release can be broadcast into areas with minimal plant competition such as a new plot or one where a seedbed has recently been prepared. It’s important that the seeds aren’t covered with more than 1/2” of soil. It can also be planted by using a no-till drill or other seeding device at a depth of 1/2 to 3/4". It can also be broadcast into an existing summer cover crop to extend the growing season into the fall and winter.
During the late summer, Southern Clover Release should be planted 6-8 weeks before the first expected frost of the season. It’s important that there’s adequate soil moisture or a good chance of rain in the forecast. This blend can also be planted during the spring when the soil temperature at 2” deep at 9:00 AM is 45 degrees or warmer. There are lots of websites that report the current soil temperature daily for each county.
Seeding Rate
Plant 20 pounds per acre when seeding with a no-till drill or other planting implement and 30 pounds per acre when broadcasting.