Warm Season Soil Builder Mix


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Our Warm Season Soil Builder Mix includes over 13 different species designed for improving organic matter and controlling weeds. This diverse blend of legumes, grasses, brassicas, and broadleaves all work in synergy to build soil. Legumes convert nitrogen in the atmosphere and make it available to other plants while prolific grassroots improve soil aggregation and water infiltration. Brassicas are excellent scavengers of nutrients unavailable to other plants. Broadleaves offer a deep taproot to break up compaction and attract beneficial insects with their flowers. This combination leaves no room for weeds to grow, keeping your fields clear for your next crop. If you want to improve the quality of your soil, this mix if for you!

This product includes a packet of Micro Noc: Multi-Spectrum (OMRI approved). Packet size scales with the amount of seed.

Mix Info

Cowpeas, Laredo Soybeans, Mung Beans, Sunn Hemp, Sorghum Sudan, Pearl Millet, African Cabbage, Rapeseed, Florida Mustard Broadleaf, Sunflower, Buckwheat, Okra, Flax
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