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Green Cover Seed – New Kansas Location

By April 10, 2020July 14th, 2020No Comments

Green Cover Seed, headquartered in Bladen, NE is very excited to announce that we are opening a second location to better serve our customers and to better reach people with the message of hope and change that regenerating our soils can deliver. We have purchased a 54,000 ft2 facility in Iola, KS (90 miles SW of Kansas City) and we have purchased the cover crop seed portion of Natural Ag Solutions LLC in Moran, KS (Darin Williams’ cover crop seed business). Zach Louk, the salesman for Natural Ag Solutions will be working for Green Cover Seed as the lead salesman and customer service rep for our Iola, KS facility. Caleb Berns will be moving down from Nebraska to be the site manager. We believe that these acquisitions will give us a greater market presence in central and eastern Kansas and a greatly improved ability to serve and expand our customer base into Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and all of the southeastern portion of our country. Please contact Zach Louk (620-363-0653) to discuss cover crop seed options that we can ship from this new Kansas location.

We will continue to partner with Natural Ag Solutions as they will provide seed cleaning and seed growing services for us in the southeast Kansas area. We also will be promoting the Natural Ag Solutions line up of non-GMO soybeans that are well adapted to KS, MO, AR and OK. Natural Ag Solutions has spent the last several years developing a non-GMO soybean lineup of top genetics by working with soybean breeders and accessing the best public varieties of non-GMO soybeans. Extensive local and regional plots help position these top genetics into your specific field conditions. NAS Soybean Varieties range from group III through mid-group V and offer several disease resistant varieties. With the ag markets today, the need to reduce input costs and source outside markets is extremely important to the producers’ bottom line, and Natural Ag Solutions can help on both sides of the market. Contact Zach Louk (620-363-0653) for more information about these soybeans.

We are in the process of establishing our seed inventory, equipment and personnel to make Iola a full-service location and we will stock more than 100 different cover crop seed species to meet the needs of our customers. Given the proximity to Kansas City, we anticipate excellent shipping rates to the south and southeast and we will be offering the same high-level soil health knowledge and customer service that Green Cover Seed customers have come to expect.

We know that we have a lot to do and a lot to learn about operating a second facility and the COVID-19 issues certainly complicate the process! But even in times of uncertainty, we are excited to have the opportunity to grow and expand, because we know that no matter what happens, people need to eat and a healthy soil base is one of the keys to that food production. Perhaps one of the lessons that COVID 19 will teach us (or remind us) is how important and precious our health and our bodies are and that our health (both individually and as a nation) can never be better than the food that we eat and the quality of that food depends on the health of our soils. Thank you to each of you for being part of the solution and for being part of a brighter future. At Green Cover Seed, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to helping farmers and ranchers regenerate God’s creation for future generations. Long Live The Soil!

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