To help people regenerate God’s creation for future generations. We believe cover crops are key to improving soil health, and healthy soils lead to healthy food and thus, healthier people. 

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Green Cover is headquartered in Bladen, NE with 2 additional locations in Iola, KS and Mountain View, OK. From these locations we have sold enough cover crops to cover over 5.5 million acres.

Berns brothers, Keith and Brian, started Green Cover in 2008 after experimenting with cover crops and studying water usage on their farm in south central Nebraska. The 1500+ acre farm has been 100% continuous no-till for over 10 years and they’ve been working hard for the last several years to continue research and incorporate cover crops into their no-till system. After researching cover crop water usage, cover crop nutrient content, and cover crop effect on following crops, their findings were both exciting and encouraging.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the unique opportunities cover crops can offer you to increase soil structure, organic matter, biological life, water infiltration rate, nutrient cycling, and wildlife.

Bladen, NE

Green Cover Seed is a leading national source for cover crops and forages, having shipped seed to more than 10,000 customers in all 50 states and most of the Canadian provinces. While the majority of seed is shipped to Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana, we have sold significant quantities of seed to many other areas. 

Because we carry so many different cover species and specialize in custom mixes, we are able to meet the specific needs of customers across the entire country. We have even shipped multiple pallets of seed to Hawaii and across the border into Canada.

Whether we are shipping a pound, a pallet, or a bulk semi load, we strive to provide each customer with the best shipping method for their situation. Being well-connected with freight companies, and having our own trucks, we are able to move seed throughout the country at a fair price. 

918 Road X – Bladen, NE 68928

 (402) 469-6784

Iola, KS

Green Cover Seed, Iola, is located in the Southeast portion of the state. Conveniently located 70 miles from Oklahoma, 45 miles to Missouri, and 140 miles to Arkansas. The facility is 54,000 square feet.  Included in that is a new mixing system to allow us to handle any size mixes from this location.  We have approximately 42,000 square feet of flat storage to be able to keep up with demand, and nearly ensure a full inventory at all times.  We have spent the last year establishing infrastructure, personnel, and logistics to be better able to serve more of our customers with affordable freight and fast shipping time.

In addition to the warehouse and mixing areas, we are in the process of building an indoor grow room that we plan to utilize to demonstrate plant tours.  This 1,750 square foot grow room will be located in the climate controlled portion of our warehouse allowing us the ability to grow both warm season and cool season plants all year.  We plan to utilize this grow room to do elaborate demonstrations for our upcoming Southeast Kansas Soil Health Conference as well.  As mentioned, it will be completely inside, out of the elements, therefore being the perfect plot at any time of the year.

29 W Davis St – Iola, KS 66749

(620) 363-0653

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