Food Plot Solutions for Deer and Wildlife

Healthy habitat = healthy wildlife

Hunting is a tradition you’ll be proud to pass down to the next generation. Make building healthy wildlife habitat part of that tradition too. Attract, grow, and harvest healthy wildlife—and keep your hunting tradition alive.

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Match your goals to a mix that is right for you.

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Watch as the wildlife flock to your plots and get excited for hunting season

Traditional monoculture food plots are a thing of the past

We partnered with Grant Woods, a well known wildlife biologist, to bring you the best possible seed blends for growing healthy deer and improving productivity of your land.

The Best of the Best: Grants’s wildlife expertise combined with Green Cover’s seed knowledge brings the ultimate combo for the best food plot seed blends on the market. High quality seed testing standards accompanied by the perfect ratios of carefully selected cover crop species, topped off with a robust biological package is your secret to success. 

Faith and Family: Both companies are leaders in their field, guided by faith and supported by family values.

Free Shipping, Nationwide: Those food plot blends won’t feed deer at our warehouse! Get seed shipped to you for free, wherever you live.

The Release Process

With a deep understanding of how to steward the land and the animals living on it (and under it!), Grant Woods developed the Release Process.

Do your deer fatten up on the new shoots of the soybean field you planted, destroying the crop and go elsewhere to find food for the rest of the season? If you’ve struggled with this, the Release Process is your answer.

How the Release Process works

When you plant a diverse mix of species they have different growth patterns, certain species will sprout up right away, others will wait a few more days, and still others are the slow ones bringing up the rear. Because of this you will have different species in various points of their life cycle throughout the growing season.

For example, when buckwheat is starting to make a seed, it is less palatable to deer, but sorghum and millet will be in their prime for browsing. Different nutrients are being released at different times to provide high quality nutrition through the entire growth period.

Planting a diverse mix is a slow release—think tire air pressure going down slowly from a small nail hole, whereas planting a single species is like popping a balloon.

The Release Process under the soil

Not only does the release process provide nutrition for your wildlife above ground, but it also keeps the worms and microbes below ground fed. Different plants form relationships with different soil microbes. Through these relationships, plants can access different nutrients in the soil. The microbes in your soil slowly release these nutrients so plants can access them all throughout the growing season.

These underground herds need food too. Soil scientists have estimated that one tablespoon of soil has over 7 billion little microbes. That’s a lot of mouths to feed! Make sure you get them fed with the proper inoculant.

Inoculated with Green Boost Biology Package
All of our food plot mixes are pre-inoculated with our GreenBoost package, ensuring all tiny organisms have a balanced diet. Healthy deer come from healthy plants, and healthy plants come from healthy soil.
release process vs monoculture soybeans throughout the growing season

Keep the Release Process going

When you keep your ground covered throughout the year, you ensure that the release process never stops.
Start with Summer Release in late spring, and finish up the season with Fall Release.

Want to throw in some added diversity?

Check out our Brassica Plus Release and Clover Release blends.

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