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The soil was made to be covered.
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No matter where you are or what your climate is, we’ll help you find a cover crop solution that’s right for your context and your goals.

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Where we’re coming from

After noticing that the benefits from their transition to no-till farming had started to plateau, Green Cover founders Brian and Keith Berns decided to experiment with diverse cover crops that mimic natural ecosystems.

Keith and Brian applied for a SARE grant to study cover crops and moisture usage on dryland acres on their South Central Nebraska farm in 2008.

Their findings were convincing. A diverse cover crop increased yields for the following corn harvest and laid the foundation for building healthy soil.

See the results of these experiments in this video.

How cover crops can work for you

Cover crops have the potential to decrease input costs, protect against erosion, feed livestock, improve soil moisture retention, and more.

Decrease your input costs

Cover crops are an investment. The upfront costs are far outweighed by the opportunities they provide for decreasing input costs. For example, hairy vetch that’s allowed to grow through May in Nebraska can produce 180-220# of nitrogen. When cover crops are incorporated into systems that practice the 6 principles of soil health, you can significantly reduce chemical fertilizer usage over time while maintaining yields.

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Improve your soil moisture retention

Every living plant needs water to grow... including cover crops. We understand water is a BIG issue and in the last few years many people in the US have experienced both extreme lack and extreme excess of water. Believe it or not, consistent use of cover crops can help with both.

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Protect against erosion

Nothing protects your field from runoff and erosion like having living plants in the ground as often as possible. Even if you don’t get a lot of growth from your cover crop before winter, the soil will benefit from its soil armor.

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Feed your livestock

The opportunities for using cover crops as forage are endless—you could add a forage planting to your crop rotation, add plant diversity to your pasture, or even graze your livestock on green foliage in the winter. You’ll also benefit your underground livestock— the beneficial microbes that keep plants healthy.

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We walk with you

Cover crops can be tricky, even scary at times, but we provide you the support you need for every step of this journey.

Drawing upon our team’s expertise and experience, we collaborate with farmers, ranchers and soil health researchers to produce a bounty of free, educational resources. Each year, we release the Soil Health Resource Guide, webinar series, conferences, field days and more in order to help you to make informed decisions about your soils.

And our expert sales team is always standing by and ready to help you with your cover crop questions.

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Faith Based, Farmer Built, Family Owned

Like many farmers, faith and family go hand in hand with the day to day operations. We built our company to help people regenerate God’s creation to be enjoyed for many generations after us. Together with our family and employees, we’ve built this dream, and we’re all here to serve you and watch your soil health dreams become a reality.

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Quality seed and on-time delivery, no matter where you are

Whether you are a row crop farmer in the Midwest, a cattle rancher in Wyoming, a vegetable producer in California, a dairy farmer in Wisconsin, or anything in between, we’ll ship seed all across the US. From full truck loads to a couple 50 lbs bags; just rye, or a diverse custom mix, we’ll deliver your seed right on time.

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The crew at GreenCover are the recognized leaders in the field of cover crops for your operation. Whether looking to plant forage or improve your soil, GreenCover has the right seed or combination of seeds to help achieve a more profitable season for you. Give them a call.

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Our purpose is to help people regenerate, steward, and share God’s creation.

We’ve been delivering cover crop seed, designing custom mixes, and providing soil health educational resources for over 15 years.

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