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A Regenerative Story

Keith Berns interviews Jimmy Emmons, a producer in Leedy, Oklahoma.

The Six Soil Health Principles

Brought to you by real farmers, ranchers, and experts who are practicing the Six Soil Health Principles.

Know Your Context

 “Understanding how the world works and how people act comes down to context. A world without context is lifeless.”

Ray Archuleta

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Minimize Disturbance

“In order to build our soils, we must improve the “home” of the microbes and we must increase the biologic diversity in our soils.”

Mitchell Hora

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Cover and Build Surface Armor

“Drought, flood, heat, and cold can all be buffered by a properly covered soil.”

Michael Thompson

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Maximize Biodiversity

“Regenerative agriculture seeks to mimic nature’s method and apply it to farming systems by increasing biodiversity to build a healthy ecosystem with higher productivity.”

Jessica Gnad

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Maintain Living Roots

“Cover crops are game-changers as they produce an extra influx of carbon which is also an influx of food for the soil biology.”

Jay Fuhrer

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Integrate Livestock

“The key is to get animals on the land to help build soil health!”

Zach Louk

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Soil Health Resource Guides

Get Your Hands dirty

These guides feature a diverse array of soil health experts from around the world. 

The Complete Guide To Restoring Your Soil

By: Dale Strickler

Healthy soil is key to sustaining life on Earth. While more and more people are starting to see the need for soil restoration, there is very little understanding of just how it can be accomplished. There is a rapidly emerging demand for a “how to” manual for soil restoration. Dale Strickler is an expert on building healthy soil and restoring degraded soil, and in The Complete Guide to Restoring Your Soil, he presents the science of soil, along with proven methods of restoring depleted soil and agricultural practices from around the world that continue to build soil, rather than cause it to deteriorate civilizations.

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