Here’s our compilation of noteworthy Soil Health Literature for you to dig into.

Books Restoring your soil
Books Restoring your soil

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The Complete Guide To Restoring Your Soil

By: Dale Strickler

Healthy soil is key to sustaining life on Earth. While more and more people are starting to see the need for soil restoration, there is very little understanding of just how it can be accomplished. There is a rapidly emerging demand for a “how to” manual for soil restoration. Dale Strickler is an expert on building healthy soil and restoring degraded soil, and in The Complete Guide to Restoring Your Soil, he presents the science of soil, along with proven methods of restoring depleted soil and agricultural practices from around the world that continue to build soil, rather than cause it to deteriorate civilizations.

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A Soil Owners Manual

By: Jon Stika

For The Love Of Soil

By: Nicole Masters

Dirt to Soil

By: Gabe Brown

The Unsettling of America

By: Wendell Berry

For the true measure of agriculture is not the sophistication of its equipment, the size of its income, or even the statistics of its productivity but the good health of the land.

Wendell BerryThe Unsettling Of America

The Dale Strickler Trilogy

Every year I tilled, my soil got worse, and every year it took more tillage to accomplish the same result.
Every year I no-till, the soil gets better.

Dale StricklerRestoring Your Soil

The Drought Resilient Farm

By: Dale Strickler

Managing Pasture

By: Dale Strickler

Books Restoring your soil
Books Restoring your soil

Restoring Your Soil

By: Dale Strickler

Healthy Soil = Healthy people


By: Fred Provenza

Knowledge Rich Ranching

By: Allan Nation

Kick the Hay Habit

By: Jim Gerrish

Mycorrhizal Planet

By: Michael Phillips

We must begin supporting and awarding farmers who adopt regenerative practices.

David R. Montgomery

Dirt: The Erosion Of Civilizations

By: David R. Montgomery

Growing A Revolution

By: David R. Montgomery

The Hidden Half Of Nature

By: David R. Montgomery & Anne Bikle

What Your Food Ate

By: David R. Montgomery & Anne Bikle

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