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What is the typical turnaround time on orders?

Do we work with small producers?

Do we purchase cover crop seed ourselves? 

Will the seed separate in the planting box?

How do you find the seeding rate for different cover crops? 

How long can I store seed and how to do so? 

What do you use for insect control in your storage bins?

How do we handle inoculants?

Are our inoculant and seed organic?

How much nitrogen will this cover crop produce?

What herbicide could I use and how long do I need to wait

Nitrogen Fixation: Hairy Vetch VS. Crimson Clover? 

How do you terminate the cover crop and when? 

What is the best resource for Soil Health Education?

Milpa First Acre Program

Get your questions answered and learn how you can be a part of the program.

How can I be involved?

Do I need fertilizer?

Can I add my own seed?
How do I harvest?
How do I prepare my seedbed?
How do I set my drill?
How much produce will I get?
How do I control Weeds?
Who are our Partners?
Where do I donate?
How do I plant?

Milpa First Acre Program

We will give Free Seed to any Grower willing to donate 50% of the produce they grow.

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