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Integrating Livestock

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Regenerative Seed Growers

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Soil Changing Farmers

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Make Use of Biologicals

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Start with the Soil 

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Learn From Experts

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Livestock Feed Soils

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Nutrient Density

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Reduce Your Inputs

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Regenerative Seed Growers

Hear exciting stories from six inspiring regenerative seed growing advocates

Soil Changing Farmers

Hear from four unique perspectives about implementing soil health practices into their operations

Make Use of Biologicals

Learn how biologicals improve soil health and cover crop performance.

Read About Biologicals

Start With the Soil.

Learn how you can bring life back to your soils

“Anybody can do it, as long as you’re curious and you’re willing to learn.” -Hui-Chun Su

Read Soil Health Resource Guides

We’ve asked the questions, so you can have the answers.

Learn how you can regenerate your soils from Soil Health experts. 

Learn from the experts.

We’ve brought in some of the best minds in the soil health movement to share their insight, for the benefit of all.

Dr. Christine Jones, Ph. D

For decades, Dr. Jones has helped farmers and ranchers transition to regenerative agricultural practices while travelling the world speaking on Soil Health. We at Green Cover are blessed to call her a mentor and a friend.

Learn More from Dr. Jones

Grow your own livestock feed.

Feed Your Livestock, Feed Your Soils.

Using cover crops as livestock forage not only eliminates the cost of outsourcing animal feed but it also helps build healthier, more resilient soils.

Reduce your inputs, increase your soil organic matter, grow happy, healthy animals.

Create a Custom Forage MixRead About It

Grow Perennial Pastures

Dale Strickler says, “The fastest way to build soil is by planting pasture and grazing it.” Watch to learn how and why!

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Smartmix logo

Want to design a custom cover crop mix to meet your unique goals? Our SmartMix app is for you. Based on a dozen different environmental and geographic factors, this tool gives you the confidence you need to make cover cropping decisions for your soils.

Start Mixing

Which cover crop will suit your needs?

Let’s talk about some examples of cover crops that may meet your needs.

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Nutrient Density

The science of nutrient density is an area of study that is rapidly changing and innovating! These technologies will likely have a great impact on the future of agriculture and human health.

Want to see a specific guest on our next webinar? Let us know.

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Reduce Your Inputs.

Learning to work with nature instead of against it reduces friction on your farm.

There are several ways to reduce inputs and increase the profit per acre on your operation.

Let’s discuss the options!

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Reduce your inputs, grow covers for nitrogen fixation

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Learn from Others like You.

Learning and adopting regenerative practices can be a journey. Learn from those who have come before you.

Meet the Producers (COMING SOON)

Continue the learning journey.

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