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Episode 5: Holistic Management in Vineyards with Kelly Mulville of Paicines Ranch

Tuesday, August 16th at 12:00pm CDT

Paicines Ranch is a historic 7,600-acre ranch located in central California in San Benito County. Using regenerative agricultural practices, the ranch team manages this diverse landscape in partnership with nature and livestock to build healthy soil, increase biodiversity, and create abundance.
Kelly Mulville, Vineyard Director, Paicines Ranch
For the past 25 years Kelly has managed and consulted with vineyards, farms and ranches throughout the western USA, Spain and Australia. His focus is on combining experience in farming and viticulture with holistic management in order to design and manage more ecologically, socially and economically sound farming practices. This usually involves a considerable amount of help from livestock. Kelly regularly gives presentations at conferences throughout the United States, and in 2012 he was sponsored by government and wine industry organizations to give presentations and workshops on extended-season vineyard grazing throughout Australia and New Zealand. His studies include Ecological Horticulture at UC Santa Cruz and Holistic Management with Allan Savory.
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Episode 6: Marketing a Regenerative Organic Product with Joseph Brinkley of Bonterra Estates

Tuesday, August 23rd at 12:00pm CDT

With a degree in horticulture, another in economics, and 15 years in the field, Joseph Brinkley specializes in soil health, farming efficiencies, compost, cover crops, biodynamic farming and viticulture, and regenerative agriculture as a path towards increased vitality and resilience on the farm as well as a means to climate change mitigation through carbon reintegration. Joseph is a recognized speaker and panelist on topics related to soil health, regenerative organic farming and responsible business practices. He is instrumental in shaping and driving Bonterra Organic Estates’ advanced policy positions on climate-smart farming and business practices, and has advocated to lawmakers for climate action and healthy soils legislation in California and Washington, D.C. Joseph is a member of the Ceres Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy Network’s Healthy Soils Working Group, and was named a 2021 Wine Industry Leader of the Year by Wine Business Monthly.
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Episode 1: Nutrient Density in Grass-fed Meat & Milk w/ Dr. Stephan van Vliet

Tuesday, July 19th at 12:00pm CDT

Dr. van Vliet’s research is performed at the nexus of agricultural and human health. He routinely collaborates with farmers, ecologists, and agricultural scientists to study critical linkages between agricultural production methods, the nutrient density of food, and human health. Register for our webinar with Dr. Stephan van Vliet to learn about nutrient density in grass-fed meat and milk and the linkages between livestock production systems and possibly human health. After the presentation, there will be an interactive Q&A session, so, bring your questions and come curious!

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Episode 2: Maya Milpa & the Relevance of Ancient Agriculture Today w/ Dr. Anabel Ford 

Tuesday, July 26th at 12:00pm CDT

Dr. Anabel Ford distinguished herself in Mesoamerican archaeology with the study of patterns of settlement and environment, demystifying traditional views of the ancient Maya by examining the common human aspects of this civilization that shed light on sustainable farming practices. This talk will explore the Maya Milpa agricultural technique and the relevance of this ancient wisdom in modern agriculture. After the presentation, there will be an interactive Q&A session, so, bring your questions and come curious!

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Episode 3: Can a Device Measure the Nutrient Density of Foods? w/ Steve Groff

Tuesday, August 2nd at 12:00pm CDT

Steve Groff is an innovator in the regenerative agriculture and soil health movement. Steve is the author of several books and he is credited with the invention of the first roller crimper in North America and the development of the Tillage Radish. Steve’s talk will explore the utilization of cover crops in achieving microbially rich soils and he will share about the Bionutrient Meter, a device developed by the Bionutrient Food Association. BFA’s Bionutrient Meter is a first-of-its-kind handheld spectrometer to measure the nutrient density in food and crops, and the carbon in the soil. After the presentation, there will be an interactive Q&A session, so, bring your questions and come curious!

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Episode 4: Prescribing Food as Medicine w/ Erin Martin & Jimmy Emmons 

Tuesday, August 9th at 12:00pm CDT

Erin Martin, Gerontologist, and Jimmy Emmons, farmer and soil health advocate, have paired together to regenerate human health using soil health. The Tulsa FreshRx program aims to treat people with type 2 diabetes in North Tulsa, an area that is considered a food desert. The program provides locally sourced, regeneratively grown fruits and vegetables every two weeks for a full year, plus lifestyle, cooking and nutrition classes for those enrolled. In the first 12 months of the program, 30 of 40 participants saw reduced A1C numbers through the program. Martin and Emmons seek to expand the program which stimulates local economy, supports local farmers and prioritized fresh food and health education in food deserts in North Tulsa.

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Dr. Christine Jones, Ph. D

For decades, Dr. Jones has helped farmers and ranchers transition to regenerative agricultural practices while travelling the world speaking on Soil Health. We at Green Cover are blessed to call her a mentor and a friend.

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