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Cover crops build healthy soil by preventing erosion, growing soil biology, cycling nutrients, and increasing soil carbon.

Faith Based, Farmer Built, Family Owned

Green Cover sprouted in 2008, when brothers Keith and Brian Berns experimented with cover crops on their family farm. They observed and experienced how diverse cover crop mixes leverage the biological processes that God designed into creation and Green Cover was launched to make cover crop seed available to other farmers.

Today, Green Cover is still family owned and operated. We grow, clean, mix, and deliver cover crop seed directly to agricultural producers across the United States and Canada.

Our purpose is to help people regenerate, steward, and share God’s creation for future generations.

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Cover crops build healthy soil

when you follow the Six Principles of Soil Health

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Principle: Keep the Soil Covered

Cover crops protect the soil

Bare soil is vulnerable to erosion, water loss, and temperature extremes. By keeping it covered with growing plants and the residue they leave behind, you’ll protect the soil against erosion and insulate it from severe heat and cold.

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Principle: Living Roots as Often As Possible

Cover crops help you maintain a living root in the soil

Life recruits life. Keeping living roots in the ground keeps your microbiology fed and flourishing.

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Principle: Maximize Biodiversity

Cover crops enable you to maximize diversity

By adding multiple plant species, you get a diversity of roots, blooms, nutrients and you have a more resilient crop than any single species.

minimize soil disturbance
Principle: Minimize Soil Disturbance

Cover crops can help reduce soil disturbance

When incorporated into a no-till system, cover crops build soil structure and suppress weeds, reducing the need for tillage and chemicals.

Principle: Integrate Livestock

Cover crops provide forage for livestock integration

Integrating livestock naturally fertilizes the ground and feeds beneficial microbes. Using cover crops as forage gets livestock into row crop fields, mimicking the soil building buffalo herds of the Great Plains.

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Principle: Know Your Context

In order to truly regenerate your soil, you have to know your context

At Green Cover, we’ll help you choose a cover crop solution that matches your context and your goals.

Cover Crop Solutions for Your

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Cover Crop Solutions for Your

Garden or Homestead

Food Plot Solutions for

Deer and Wildlife

The crew at GreenCover are the recognized leaders in the field of cover crops for your operation. Whether looking to plant forage or improve your soil, GreenCover has the right seed or combination of seeds to help achieve a more profitable season for you. Give them a call.

Bob B.

This was the most fun I’ve had farming in a while.

John B., an Iowa farmer

My husband ordered some seed, picked it up today. He was greatly appreciative and impressed by the wonderful customer service provided by each employee he interacted with. Hard to find that these days. Thank you Green Cover!

Ashley S.
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Who we are

Our purpose is to help people regenerate, steward, and share God’s creation.

We’ve been delivering cover crop seed, designing custom mixes, and providing soil health educational resources for over 15 years.

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