Jonathan Ellis

Farm Technician

Jonathan was born in Western Nebraska but moved to Red Cloud when he was in middle school. He began working for us in 2010 so he has been around almost since the beginning. He started on the mix floor but his passion for farming was evident and he now works primarily on the farm. His favorite thing about his job is planting diverse seed mixes and watching them grow. He lives outside of Cowles, NE with his wife and their 2 dogs.

Favorite Sports Team & Why? Nebraska Volleyball because they are the only team that doesn’t let me down.

Animal you’d ride to and from work every day? My dog Hondo because he is the size of a small horse.

Have you ever ate/drank something out of the GCS fridge that wasn’t yours? Yes, But I thought it was mine until I got home and found my food.

What job would you be terrible at? An office job.