Riley Meredith

Warehouse Lead

Riley was born in Wheat Ridge Colorado and moved to Casper Wyoming when he was very young. His family later settled in Nebraska which has been home for him ever since. He shares his free time with his amazing 5 year old daughter. They usually do what she wants to do, since she’s the boss! Riley attended CCC in Hastings and after 10 years of warehouse experience, he is now the warehouse lead at Green Cover. He strives everyday to grow and has been with the company for almost 3 years learning more at Green Cover than any other workplace. On a daily basis, Riley expects nothing less than to help each and every person who asks a favor. This may include, inventory checks and adjustments, finding missing product, helping solve logistical nightmares and simply stepping into any department, to help carry the weight when someone feels “swamped”.  He typically take this upon myself, to show teamwork and a desire to grow in all areas of Green Cover! His specific job description is to load outbound product into customers grain trailers, dry van trailers, flatbed trailers, bulk hoppers, seed boxes, car trunks and anything else someone brings to haul seed. In addition he also receives the product into the inventory system as well as finds a home for it in the appropriate storage facility, so the mix floor can utilize it for customer orders. Legend has it, Riley is the best in the Midwest on a forklift. Customers who come to Green Cover to pick up seed will have to judge that themselves!