Lexi Ord

Front Office

Lexi, born and raised in Norton, Kansas, is the oldest among her siblings, two boys and two girls. Her academic journey led her to attend college at both JCCC in Overland Park and CCC in Colby, Kansas. In 2018, she embarked on a new chapter of her life, moving to Nebraska after marrying her husband, Kasey. They settled on a farm northwest of Inavale, where they raise their son, Riggin, amidst the countryside. Professionally, Lexi has found her niche in customer relations, bringing warmth and efficiency to her role. As the welcoming voice on the phone and the friendly face greeting visitors at the office in Bladen, she excels in making connections and ensuring positive experiences. Beyond her professional endeavors, Lexi finds joy in tending to their farm, which is adorned with various livestock, particularly chickens. She’s also an avid gardener, finding satisfaction in nurturing plants and watching them thrive. Her greatest delight, however, comes from spending time with her son, witnessing his growth and cherishing precious family moments. In her leisure time, Lexi enjoys cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs, her loyalty to the team unwavering. Additionally, she indulges in the art of junking and crafting, channeling her creativity into unique projects that add charm to their home and farmstead. With a heart rooted in family, a passion for her rural lifestyle, Lexi embodies the essence of a wholesome, contented life on the farm.