David Nelsen


David Nelsen serves as CEO at Green Cover.  Growing up the oldest of 8 children in Lincoln, NE, David has always had a keen respect for order and responsibility.  Those gifts served him well both as a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps and later as a technician and manager for a Fortune 500 company based in San Diego, CA.  It was at the latter, a company that designed and manufactured nuclear power safety systems, he developed a passion for people development, strategy, systems, and efficiency so highly prized in business. 

As his family began to grow, David and his wife Britny became interested in how nutrient dense foods nourish bodies, minds and communities and started delving into the world of regenerative agriculture.  When the Lord God provided an opportunity to move back home to Nebraska, the couple and their 5 children were excited to put all they had learned into practice on a small farm on the Nebraska/Kansas state line.  It was in this new and challenging agricultural setting that David would meet Keith and Brian Berns and begin to use his occupational gifting and passion for stewarding God’s creation at Green Cover. 

Now the father of nine tenacious homeschooled children, David, when not leading at Green Cover, spearheads long days and evenings building houses, fixing fence and rotating animals through pasture, tearing down ancient dilapidated buildings, adding functionality to his wife’s greenhouse, maintaining an ever increasingly complex system of gardens and orchards, experimenting with cover crops as forage and cover, grinding and fermenting thousands of pounds of grain, growing a variety of meat animals, chasing them down when they get out and tinkering with equipment, all much older than it should be.  His days are full, loud, dirty, demanding and utterly blessed at Green Cover and at home.  Blessed be the name of the Lord!  Job 1:21