Dig deeper into soil health by attending these soil health events.

March 25th

Statewide Women in Agriculture

Corning, KS

May 19th-21st

Four State Farm Show

Pittsburg, KS

June 8th-10th

Growing Deer Field Days with Grant Woods

Reed Springs, MO

June 13th-15th

Green American Conference

Omaha, NE

June 28th-29th

Historic Roots for Agriculture’s Future

Seward, NE

July 15th

Grains Place Field Day

Marquette, NE

August 6th-9th

SWCS Annual Conference

Des Moines, IA

August 24th-25th

Bottomline Conference

Lakin, KS

November 7th-9th

Grass and Grain Farm Show

Manhattan, KS


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