Summer Release

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The Summer Release blend is specifically designed to produce high quality forage for whitetails and other critters while improving the soil’s health. It includes six legumes, three grains, one brassica and four forbs. These work in combination to produce significantly more forage than a single species planting and provides the diversity of nutrients that will allow a whitetail to express their full potential. Summer Release is also very good at suppressing weeds and the grains will be very attractive to deer during the hunting season. Because the grain sorghums are dwarf and early maturing, it’s easy to drill or broadcast a cool season crop into Summer Release about 45 days before the first frost of the fall.

This product includes a packet of Micro Noc: Multi-Spectrum (OMRI approved). Packet size scales with the amount of seed.

Mix Info

Hubam Sweet Clover, Sunn Hemp, Red Ripper Cowpeas, Mung Beans, Guar Beans, 5518 Soybeans, G2015 Grain Sorghum, 41629 Grain Sorghum,Wildlife Grain Sorghum, Impact Forage Collards, Black Oil Sunflowers, Baldy Spineless Safflower, Mancan Buckwheat, Clemson Spineless 80 Okra
Planting Instructions
Summer Release is best seeded using a no-till drill or other seeding device and placing seed at a depth of 3/4" - 1". It can also be broadcast into areas with minimal plant competition such as a new plot or one where a seedbed has recently been prepared. Light incorporation or dragging can help with seed to soil contact but don't cover seeds with more than 3/4” of soil.
Summer Release should be planted during the spring when the leaves on trees are almost fully formed or more precisely when the soil temperature at 2” deep at 9:00 AM is 60 degrees or warmer. There are lots of websites that report the current soil temperature daily for each county.
Seeding Rate
Plant 40 pounds per acre when seeding with a no-till drill or other planting implement and 60+ pounds per acre when broadcasting.