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SmartMix Calculator Update

SmartMic Calculator Update

At Green Cover, we have developed and designed the SmartMix Calculator to help you through your cover crop decision making process.

Baskin-Robbins made it famous in the ice cream world by offering 31 flavors and thus having “something for everyone” – add in the different candy mix-ins and you have thousands of tasty combinations to choose from.  Green Cover takes this diverse offering concept a few steps further by offering over 120 different varieties of plant seeds that you can choose to put in your cover crop mix.  Diversity and selection are great, but they can also be overwhelming when faced with trying to decide which combination is going to be best for your unique situation.

At Green Cover, we have developed and designed the SmartMix Calculator to help you through this cover crop decision making process.  You tell us  what your goals are, how you will plant, where you are planting, when you want to plant, when you want to terminate and what your next crop will be and SmartMix will help you get started.  With over 2 million data points in the SmartMix database, the platform will guide you through the process by dividing all of the possible species into Excellent, Good, Marginal and Risky categories.  SmartMix will also help determine some starting points for seeding rates, but as the user, you have the ability to change rates, swap species and run any number of “what if” scenarios.
For each combination that you choose, you will see a plethora of useful information such as: cost per acre, carbon to nitrogen ratio, nitrogen fixation score, grazing score, drought tolerance, frost tolerance, winter hardiness as well as how well your choices are going to meet the goals that you chose at the beginning of the process.  SmartMix also offers many educational opportunities by giving you the opportunity to learn about the different species and when and why you would use them through embedded video links tied to each species choice.
A brand new feature just added to SmartMix is the Checkout Button.  You can now design your mix, make your choices, select your shipping options and checkout and pay for your mix all on-line!  You can also submit your mixes to be reviewed by one of our sales team experts and we will offer suggestions or substitutions that we feel might be helpful.
Best of all, the SmartMix Calculator is completely free for all to use….even if you are not ordering seed from Green Cover, you are still welcome to use our tool to help you build the Smartest Mix for your unique situation.  Just go to and sign up for a free account to get started.  While our mixes might not be as tasty as Baskin-Robbins, we do have even more choices and the expertise to help you make cover crops simple!


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